Driver’s Training with Specialist

New drivers

Learn to drive with our Defensive Driving Specialist who has 30+ years experience with traffic safety.  Students with little to no driving experience will be given a short demonstration drive. The first lesson generally includes vehicle control, left & right turns, right of way rules, visual search methods, stops & starts, light traffic and intro to what it means to be a defensive driver.  Receive a thorough, written evaluation of your driving performance and estimate of additional training needed.

Experienced drivers

During the first 20 minutes, the specialist will evaluate your current driving performance.   We will identify any bad habits and discuss the driving tasks that need improvement.  During the remainder of the lesson, we will work on correcting the areas that are subpar.  If you are preparing for a road test, we can do a mock test during the second half of the lesson.  You will receive a thorough, written evaluation of your driving performance and an estimate of additional training needed.

Freeway lessons

Build your confidence and improve skills on the freeway.  Lesson includes proper techniques for merging, changing lanes, following distance, visual search methods, defensive driving & accident avoidance techniques. Receive a thorough, written evaluation of your driving performance.

Phobia lessons

Our Defensive Driving Analyst is able to tailor an in-car session for most driving phobias including: freeway phobia, bridge phobia, driving anxiety, etc.  Receive a thorough , written evaluation of your driving performance.

Senior assessments

See senior tab above.

Private lessons

We provide completely private lessons.  Only the student and instructor are allowed in the vehicle.  Family members may not observe the lessons.

Driver’s training vehicles

Training will be conducted in our vehicles.  Our fleet includes Honda Civics, 4-door, automatic transmission with dual controls. Small “Student Driver” decals are placed on doors and rear bumper.

We service the following cities

Alameda – Alamo – Albany – Berkeley – Blackhawk – Castro Valley – Danville- Dublin – El Cerrito – Fremont – Hayward – Kensington – Livermore – Newark- Oakland – Piedmont – Pleasanton – San Leandro – San Lorenzo – San Ramon – Union City.  For those who live in other cities, we are happy to meet you at our main office OR at a nearby B.A.R.T. station.

Travel fee

There is a $15+ travel fee per lesson, depending on where you live.  If you choose to meet us at our office located at 1070 A Street Hayward, there is no additional fee.

Health & Safety

At Bay Area Driving School, the health and safety of our customers and community is our first priority. Many changes have transpired since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Student not allowed to take lesson if they ill or experiencing any cold or  flu-like  symptoms (i.e. sore throat, cough, fever, body aches, etc.).
  • Vehicle’s high touch points will be disinfected between lessons.
  • Hand sanitizer always available in training vehicles.
  • Face mask are optional, per instructor’s discretion.

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Free pick up for local students. Additional travel fee may apply for other locations.