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Licensed by the State of California, DMV License #E8579

If you received a traffic citation in California and choose (with the court’s permission) to attend traffic school, this program is for you.  Complete the course at your convenience.  Log on and off as you choose. Upon successful completion, your certificate will be sent electronically and immediately to the court.  Receive a “completion receipt” to keep for your records.

Also available in Spanish

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am not able to complete the course before my due date?

Contact the court to request an extension, by phone or through court’s website.  Most courts will allow 1 extension.  After you receive an extension, send us your new date and we will update your account.

Why am I being asked personal identity questions?

It’s a DMV requirement to confirm your identity in order to attend a traffic school class at home.  These are answers that only you would know.   We recommend that you write these down.

I signed out of the course.  How do I continue?  Do I have to start over?

Your progress will be saved automatically and you will continue where you left off.   Log back onto, come back to this Online Traffic School  page.  Click on the green “Returning Students” link above, top right.

I completed all of the chapters and the test won’t open.  Why can’t I take the test?

The DMV requires that you “study” (read) the material for at least 1 hour before taking the test.  Once the full hour has passed, you will have access to the test.  You must fill out your personal identity questions properly and click the box which confirms it is you taking the test.

How many questions are on the test?  What if I don’t pass?

There are 25 questions on the test.  Passing is -7 or less.  It’s open book and open notes.  If you do not pass, you may take a 2nd test.  2nd test must be completed within 1 week.

After I pass the final test do I need to do anything else?

Once you pass the test, your certificate will be sent electronically and immediately to the court.  You do not need to do anything else.  We recommend that you call the court after 3-5 business days to ensure the point was removed from your record.

I am entering the personal identity questions correctly but the website is not accepting my answers.  What is going on?

The website does not allow special characters. i.e. If you put AT&T as an answer, the system will not accept the “&” sign.  Enter ATT as your answer.   Also, if you entered the digit “2” then you must reenter the digit.  Do not spell out “two.”

What if I forget my personal identity questions?

You can have the answers emailed to you if you forgot what you originally entered.  Check your spam / junk folder if you do not see the email in your inbox.  Call the office if you are not able to retrieve the email.

I already paid the court for the traffic school option.  Why do I have to pay again?

If you choose to attend traffic school, you will pay the court 2 fees.  The first fee is the fine for the violation and the second fee is to have permission to attend traffic school.  This administrative fee keeps your case open to allow time to complete traffic school.  Our traffic school fee is the cheapest of the fees, only $24.99.

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