California Mature Driving Program

California drivers age 55+ and better can save money on their auto insurance simply by completing a mature driver improvement course. Insurers are mandated to reduce rates for three years but the amount of the discount varies with each insurance provider.  Check with your agent for the details. With our low prices, the course is sure to pay for itself many times over!

How it works (it’s easy)

  1. Register by clicking on the “get started” link to the right
  2. Complete course at your own pace
  3. OK to sign on and off – you do not need to complete in one sitting
  4. Complete the short review quizzes and final exam on your computer
  5. Your certificate of completion will be mailed to your insurance to claim your discount
  6. Easy to complete – even for those who don’t have a lot of experience with the internet

Ready to register?

CA Mature Driving Program