Driver safety info

Many individuals are referred to the Driver Safety District office for various reasons.  Some of the most common reasons are as follow:

  • A person suffers a stroke, has vision problems requiring surgery or experiences other medical conditions, like fainting
  • A person is reported for reexamination by a law enforcement officer due to a traffic collision or erratic driving
  • A person is reported by a family member or a citizen concerned about his/her ability to drive safely
  • A person fails the DMV written test several times then fails the regular DMV drive test

After being referred to the Driver Safety District Office, the following sequence of events usually occurs:

  • A hearing is held by a DMV hearing officer to discuss your individual case
  • Often, the hearing officer will inform you to contact a professional driving school for remedial driving lessons and preparation for a Special Drive Test

Before taking remedial lessons, you must obtain a “Special Instruction Permit” from Driver Safety.  Obtain this document on your own or the driving school can obtain it for you.

Contact the driving school and we will give you an application to begin the process.  Next, the driving school will prepare  correspondence to Driver Safety District office informing them that we are willing to work with you to improve your driving skills and request a Special Instruction Permit on your behalf.

DMV usually takes 3-4 weeks to respond, please be patient.  After we receive the Special Instruction Permit, we can legally provide you professional driving lessons.  Once we feel that you are ready, we will prepare correspondence to Driver Safety District office requesting a Special Drive Test appointment. This usually takes another 3 weeks.  If you pass the Special Drive Test, you will be sent a letter within one week stating you passed.  Take the letter to your local DMV office to obtain your reinstated driver’s license.

We understand that each case is unique.  Please call us if you have any questions.

For a Special Drive Test Preparation, click here.