DMV & requirements

  • What are the age requirements for a permit & license?
    The first age to obtain a Learner’s Permit is 15 ½
    The first age to obtain a Driver’s License is 16
  • My teen doesn’t turn 15 ½ for a few months, can he take Driver’s Ed now?
    Yes, it’s OK to take Driver’s Ed at age 15
  • I’m 17 ½ years old, do still I need to take the classes?
    If you are 17 1/2 you do not have to take Driver’s Ed in order to get a learner’s permit at the DMV.  When you get your permit you may also begin practicing while supervised without taking a professional driving lesson.  If you choose to bypass the Driver’s Ed and Driver’s Training classes, you will be required to wait till you are 18 years old to receive your driver’s license.   Taking the classes will better prepare you for the tests and will reduce your crash rate, according to statistics

General driving school questions

  • Do the instructors go through a background check?
    Yes, all of our driving instructors have been cleared by a DMV-required background check through the Department of Justice.  Our school has both male and female instructors. If you have a preference, just let us know upon scheduling
  • Is your driving school DMV-approved, licensed, insured & bonded?
    Yes, Bay Area Driving School is DMV-approved, licensed, insured & bonded.  Our Driving School license # is E2125.  We are in good standing with the DMV & the Better Business Bureau.  We have successfully been serving the Bay Area since 1949. We incorporated in 2019
  • How do I schedule the actual driving?
    You may schedule over the phone or by email.  For teens, we recommend one lesson  per week.  For adults, discuss with your instructor.  Generally, the closer together the lessons, the sooner you will be prepared for the DMV road test.  If you make a payment online, the driving school will send you a confirmation of enrollment and discuss scheduling details by phone and / or email, usually within 1 business day
  • Can my parent or spouse come with me during the In-Car Training?
    No, we do not allow parents or spouses to ride a long during the training as it is against our insurance policy.  The Instructor will be happy to discuss the student’s driving performance at the end of the lesson, upon request
  • What are the classes like?
    Classroom Driver’s Ed & Traffic School include group discussions, movies, short lectures, class participation and breaks.  Driver’s Ed includes a power point presentation and games.  It is recommended to take notes for Driver’s Ed, so please bring paper & pen.  There is usually a lunch break. There are many eateries within walking distance.  Students will be in class the entire time.  Free WIFI available in the classroom
  • What is the difference between classroom and online training?
    The Online and Classrooms curriculum are basically the same content.  We always recommend the classroom instruction because we feel that students get a lot more out of the class and are better prepared for real-life, driving situations.  The online training; however, is very convenient for students who have busy schedules. Online classes are accessible 24/7 and can generally be completed in a shorter time frame.
    It’s best to consider the type of learning methods that are most effective for the individual.  Independent learners will do just fine with the online course.  An instructor is available to answer questions for all online courses
  • When will I receive my certificate?
    For classroom Drivers Ed and In-Car Driver’s Training, your teen will receive the certificate on the last day of class.  For Online Driver’s Ed, certificates are mailed via USPS (takes about 7 days).  You may pick up certificate in person or expedite shipping upon special request.  Traffic School certificates are sent electronically within 3 business days of class date
  • Do I need to bring a birth certificate to the driving school?
    No, you do not need to bring your birth certificate to the driving school unless you are signing up for the Student License program
  • What if the student has a learning disability?
    Please discuss the learning disability with the office upon inquiring and scheduling.  We will do our best to accommodate and match student up with the appropriate instructor.  We have instructors who specialize in certain learning disabilities
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    For In-Car training, we require a 24 hour notice of cancellation. Office is closed on Sundays.  Any changes to Monday appointments must be made on the Saturday prior to the appointment. Late cancellations, same day cancellations and “No-Show’s” will be charged a $75 Missed appointment fee. Students are expected to cancel lesson if they are exhibiting any signs of illness (i.e. fever, cough or shortness of breath) within 24 hours without a financial penalty.  Please call the main office to cancel or reschedule.
  • For Payments made via PayPal, refund requests must be submitted by phone or email to Bay Area Driving School within 3 weeks of payment for services not rendered.  There are no refunds if refund request is submitted more than 3 weeks from payment via PayPal; however, the money may be transferred to a different student for In-Car and In-Class
  • No transferring of payments for Online Classes.
  • Payments made directly to main office (cash or credit card) may submit refund request to Bay Area Driving School for services not rendered
  • We do not offer refunds for Traffic School; however, we allow 1 free transfer for Classroom Traffic School