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Tips on Passing - DMV Written Test:

Become familiar with the DMV Driver Handbook.  Take the practice tests in the back of the book.  As with most tests, read the entire question and each answer.  Go with your first guess and try not to over-analyze the question.  Most DMV's written tests are adminstered via computer-test.  Other testing methods may be available, I.E. "paper" test, audio test or person-to-person test.   Take a “Driver’s Ed” class or “Written Test Preparation Course” to better prepare yourself for the test.  

Did You Know???  *You are required to bring 2 proof of residency documents to DMV for the written test.  For more details:

Are you Prepared to Pass the DMV Written Test?

  1. As you pass a railroad crossing with no gates or controls and you cannot see for 400 feet in either direction, your speedometer should not be above:
    1. 15 MPH
    2. 25 MPH
    3. 30 MPH
  2. When the traffic signal lights are not functioning (blackout) what should you do?
    1. Decrease your speed and scan the intersection before proceeding
    2. Yield to the driver on your right
    3. Make a complete stop before crossing the intersection

                                                                                                 Answers: 1.A 2.C

Tips on Passing - DMV Road Test:

The first thing you will be asked is to "say and do the 3 arm signals."  Next, you be required to identify the equipment of the vehicle (hazard lights, defrost, horn, etc.).  Lastly, you will complete a 15-20 minute drive.  The test includes basic city driving, unprotected left turns, double lane changes, parking, reverse, etc.  It is very beneficial to understand the rating system including the "critical errors" so that you do not commit any of the automatic failures.  We offer a 2-hour DMV review that we recommend just before you take your road test.


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